[Bandai] Soul of Chogokin : GX-05R Daiko Maryo Gaiking (Repaint Version) -Soul of Chogokin- [Bandai]  

*The actual item may differ slightly from that shown in the image.
Product Name [Bandai] Soul of Chogokin : GX-05R Daiko Maryo Gaiking (Repaint Version) -Soul of Chogokin- [Bandai]
Product Code CHO-005
Size 225x265x120mm/8.9x10.4x4.7inch(Depth x Width x Height, Chogokin's face)
Weight 1501.5 (g)
Retail Price 9800Yen
Product Description [SOULOFCHOGOKIN]

Die-cast Soul of Chogokin GX-05 Daiku Maryu Gaiking Diecast, MIB.
Limited quantities!! transforms normal, open face, and stong modes as well as
Robot Gaiking and the Dragon Daikumaryuseries. Excellent detail and fine,
lots of accessories and weapons.

Packaging Details Display Box
Assortment of
Colors and Shapes
Comes in the colors and styles shown in the picture.
Note This is recommended for children over 15.
Small Order Our Best Price:8624Yen 12.0% OFF the retail price!
Minimum Order:1pcs Discontinued
Master Case Order Our Best Price:7865Yen/pcs 19.8% OFF theRetail price!
M.Case Qty:6pcs
Total Price:47190Yen/Case

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