GD-53 Transformable 100 Hyaku-Shiki Chogokin    
*The actual item may differ slightly from that shown in the image.
Product Name GD-53 Transformable 100 Hyaku-Shiki Chogokin
Product Code CHO-032
Size 141mm/5.6inch(Height, Transformerable Fiter body)
Weight 594 (g)
Retail Price 6500Yen
Product Description [GUNCOLLEHUGEMODEL]

Ready to have fun!! Never might have seen like this before!
This transformable fighter, "Kahen Senshi"comes with great broad joints!!!
and provides a lot of freedom in dynamic poseability!!!
This comes in a 1/144 scale.
By using dye-casted parts for 80% ot their weight ratio, this "Kahen-Senshi"
fighter appears heavy enough to be worthy of Chogokin !!!
Try this exciting fun yourself, you must be thrilled with its cool body !!

Cool gold plating has been given to the wide armor portions, so it would be
enough to require being careful even to touch it to worry about hand dirt.
This stands in a great pose by itself without a stand by employing the weight
of a main part efficiently. Enjoy the cool-looking, with the large-sized
weapon and MEGA-BAZUKA launcher (attachment) which can be developed
as a setting.

Packaging Details Display Box
Assortment of
Colors and Shapes
Comes in the colors and styles shown in the picture.
Note This is recommended for children over 15.
Small Order Our Best Price:5460Yen 16.0% OFF the retail price!
Minimum Order:1pcs Discontinued
Master Case Order Our Best Price:4521Yen/pcs 30.5% OFF theRetail price!
M.Case Qty:12pcs
Total Price:54252Yen/Case

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