Party Idea !! Pick a Lottery and See ! -  Japanese Traditional Toys Variations(60pieces)   

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Product Name Party Idea !! Pick a Lottery and See ! - Japanese Traditional Toys Variations(60pieces)
Product Code AT-2603
Weight 2200 (g)
Retail Price 6000Yen
Product Description "Raffle by turns and See what you win" will really amuse both small
children and even adults!! You love it ! Perfect Raffle Game for guests
at every party like Birthday, Children's Parties. Japan's Prize Game!!

-- How to play --
First, tear off the provided Number Lottery by the perforated tabs.
And the children or guests will take turns to draw a lottery number, then
claim the prize corresponding to that number. Very fun and exciting !!

-- Package contains --
A great variety of renown Japanese unique toys with a set of numbers
from 1 to 60 like shown in the picture. Any one of these folk crafts are
very familiar to Japanese, and now all over the world ! They will really
encourage your party atmosphere!! Just have fun with cup and ball,
paper baloon and so on....

- If you were a wholesaler ;
Just for your reference, every toy in the box is worth 100 yen at retail
price, so you can charge the customers about 1 dollar for each draw.
Comes with a Number Lottery. You cannot miss these great bargain !!
Packaging Details Plastic Package.
Assortment of
Colors and Shapes
Small Order Our Best Price:4290Yen 28.5% OFF the retail price!
Minimum Order:1pcs
Master Case Order Our Best Price:3960Yen/pcs 34.0% OFF theRetail price!
M.Case Qty:8pcs
Total Price:31680Yen/Case

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