About Credit Card Secure System (3D Scure)

Sorry but we can't accept any question for this secure system.
Please ask your credit card company by yourself. Thank you.

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What's about Credit Card 3D Secure System
This is the technological standard aiming to ensure that the person in possession of
the card is the person who owns it. This provides a reliable authentification, which
prevents attempted fraud at an early stage.
All secure process will be made only in the credit card company's sever, so we assure that your
personal information is very safe.
The three credit card brands above (JCB, VISA, Master) are basically offering the 3D Secure System
service. But please ask your credit card company first if they already have the System.
If they don't have the System, you can use your credit card without any Secure Code.
Pleas ask your credit card company or visit their website to resolve any inquiry. Thank you.

Are you NEW to this 3-D Secure System ?
Please see your card if any of these logos are shown on the front.
Please ask your credit card company if they already have the 3D Secure System service.
You can find the website or contact information at the back of your credit card.
After you check if your card company already has this system, please finish registering and get
your own code (ID number or password) from your card company.
Finally you can start your order from our website with your own 3D secure code.
While credit card proceeding, you will be instructed to type your 3D secure code.
If your credit card company doesn't have the 3D Secure System, you can finish you shopping
without any 3D secure core.